We suggest allocating at least two weeks for the printing of the dissertation. In approximately 2–4 days after we have received the material, a draft will be sent for your approval.

After the approval, we require 5 whole working days for the printing and binding. The book will be delivered in 1–4 days depending on the chosen delivery method.

If Unigrafia provides the page layout, the delivery time is around 4–5 weeks. The specific time is defined based on the number of pages, figures, graphs and tables.

The price is calculated based on the number of pages, copies, use of colour and additional services ordered for the book.

The price of a doctoral dissertation at the University of Helsinki can be calculated by completing the order form in advance. The book price is found on the second page of the form.

ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is placed on the copyright page and often also on the back cover. The identifier is used, for example, when acquiring a publication, for cataloguing works, and in bibliographies, databases and library systems. You can order the number from the ISBN Agency operating at the National Library of Finland. Indicate your university as the publisher of the book.


ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) identifies serial publications. It will be provided for you by the publisher or the editor.

If you notice an error after you have already approved the final draft, contact us immediately.

For alterations made when the material is already in print as well as other additional work, we charge an hourly rate 107,26 €/h, (VAT incl.).

Ordering a printing and binding of a dissertation is easy. Send us the completed PDF document and we will do the rest for you. In addition to printing the book, we can provide the visual design and page layout.

See below for Aalto University and University of Helsinki order information.

Aalto University

Aalto University’s doctoral dissertations are ordered using Aalto’s own publication platform service. Aalto’s Learning Centre helps with publishing matters such as permissions and the use of the publication platform.

The cover design and layout for dissertations published in the Aalto publication series are designed using the Aalto publication platform. Unigrafia helps with the page layout.

University Of Helsinki

University of Helsinki dissertation order, click here.

For further information on printing and publishing your doctoral thesis, please see the University of Helsinki Instructions for Students -service. When needed, you can also be in touch with the doctoral student services of your home faculty.

Additional services

In addition to printing and binding dissertations, we also offer other services related to the formalities of the public examination of the dissertation. Some of our most popular services include dissertation folders manufactured for the Respondent (doctoral candidate), the Custos and the Opponent to be used at the public examination.