Printing press guidelines

The orders of the most common print products can be done via Unigrafia’s webstore ( For more copies and special orders, you can contact us and ask for a quote.

1. Compiling of material

Photos and colours

The digital press uses the sRGB colour profile and Coated FOGRA39 for CMYK images.

For black and white printing, convert the photos to grayscale in the original layout.

In four-colour printing, the best grayscale colour quality is achieved using only black ink.

Lighten darker areas especially when printing on uncoated paper. This improves reproduction so photos do not appear too dark.

Use 300 dpi resolution for halftones and at least 600 dpi for bitmaps.


In PDF files, all fonts must be embedded. If materials are submitted in a format other than PDF, provide the fonts separately.

Layout and bleed

Place each page on a separate page in the PDF, i.e. do not place two pages side-by-side.

Remember to add a 3 mm bleed if an element covers the entire page. Include the crop marks in the PDF.

If you are ordering a roll-up, remember to add 5 mm bleed and 245 mm extra space in the bottom of the page.

If you send materials in an editable layout file, also send the photos, graphics and fonts.

Aineisto-ohjeen leikkuumerkit

Creating PDF document

To save a Word document in PDF format:

File> Print> PDF-XChange 4.0> Printer Properties> Fonts> Include all available fonts.

2. Sending the material

Naming files

Name files clearly, for example, using the client’s name. If a work includes many separate PDF files, indicate numerical order in the file name.

  • Do not use special characters or Scandinavian letters in the file name (e.g. “! # % & å ä ö).
  • Do not use a space in the file name. Use the underscore instead (_).
  • Use the file name extension when naming files (e.g. photo_student.jpg).
  • Use a full stop (.) only in front of the file name extension.

Sending a file

Primarily use the following tool to transfer the files.

Or, send the files via email to – Please add the tracking code you received when ordering this print product.

Kindly send only material that has been agreed upon in advance.


After 2-4 working days from the arrival of the material, a proof of the printed product is sent to the customer either electronically or in printed form. The proof must always be approved in writing, e.g. by email. After the approval the printing begins.

Types of proofs

  • PDF proof (you can proofread and check the outcome on a computer screen. The colours are not representative of the final printed product.)
  • Printed proof (separate charge, you can proofread and check the product’s appearance on paper. The proof will not necessarily be representative of the final printed product in terms of materials, colours and print quality.)
  • Contract proof (separate charge, the proof and finished printed product are very close in colours and print-quality. Proofs are printed on the same material as the final product.)


If you notice an error after you have already approved the final draft, contact us immediately.

For alterations made when the material is already in print as well as other additional work, we charge an hourly rate 107,26 €/h, (VAT incl.).

3. Receiving the product

Delivery methods

Delivery time

Delivery times vary according to the print product type. After the order, you will receive an email confirmation with an estimated delivery time.

You will receive a new email when the item is ready to be picked up.

Quick delivery

If you need the product in less than 5 days after the approval of the proof, it will be done as an express service with an additional charge of 124€ (VAT incl.).