Presentation and advertisement videos

A moving image is a creative way of communicating. It makes an impact. Different projects benefit from a well-designed and produced demo video. Unlike traditional media, an advertisement video created for marketing purposes is more likely to have an effect and be remembered. Once a video is made, it can be used on social media as well in different platforms. A video format is an effective tool also in recruitment processes and student marketing.

Unigrafia has a studio especially built for video shoots. Our equipment is also flexible and we can film in any location the client chooses – indoor, outdoor or, say, in the middle of the woods.

Tell us about your marketing needs and give Unigrafia’s team the creative freedom to do their magic – or, join us and help with the creative process every step of the way!


Liven up your presentation with an animation! An animation is an excellent way of turning complicated data, statistics and infographics into a visual form that makes an impression. Information is easier to grasp and interactive elements can be incorporated as a part of the experience.

In addition to longer videos with a storytelling element, Unigrafia creates also shorter special effect animations. Our graphic designers can help by adding an animation element to your presentation slides, websites, e-books or, for example, your organisation’s social media outlets.


Our video studio in central Helsinki produces moving images for all your needs. Unigrafia’s creative video team can design, film and edit videos for presentation, promotion and marketing purposes and everything else a company or organisation might require. If you need individual videos filmed for online courses, an entire lecture series to be produced or podcast episodes to be recorded – we can do it all.

Streaming live online, as a part of a lecture or broadcasting to a seminar room can all be done using our studio. The latest software and up-to-date technology is available. Our custom-made Lightboard is also at your disposal for visualisation of information and special effects.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or new in front of the camera, you will do great. The studio staff will make sure of that and will guide you every step of the way. You just need to know your area of expertise – the video production team will do the rest. Get in touch or pop by the studio!


A seminar, a conference or a bigger stakeholder event coming up? Make your important event accessible live online! It can be filmed using either a single camera or we can use multiple remote-controlled cameras and switch from one camera angle to another as the event is happening. By recording and editing your event stream, and then making it available via website or a social media platform, your reach and audience will be multiplied.

In addition to audiovisual technology, Unigrafia’s streaming team provides also sound design, special effect graphics and helps you utilise the participatory aspects available on social media. Each stream is tailored according to the client’s needs.

Studio experts

Think Corner is a place to meet people in the heart of Helsinki. It forms, together with Tiedekulma Café, the living room of University of Helsinki. It is an open science arena where everyone is welcomed.

Unigrafia’s studio team is responsible for the audiovisual technology at the Think Corner events. The team provides also multi-camera production services and produces and edits videos together with Think Corner’s media producers. Most of Think Corner’s social media communication and advertisements are created by the studio team. Let’s create an unforgettable science event – the floor is yours!

AV support

Unigrafia offers AV support services for all its clients. The services vary and everything is planned together with the customer according to their needs.

Our collaboration will begin by assessing the needs. The final service package can include, for example, helping with video cameras used for the streaming and with the actual live streaming, support with the intricacies of AV technology or instructing how to create and edit teaching videos.