Print quota shop (University of Helsinki)

1. Log in with your university user account. Check the main page for your current balance and purchase history.

2. You can log out, refresh the page or load printing balance (Budget Recharge). NB! It takes 1-2 minutes for your information to update when purchasing balance for the first time!

Due to the daily maintenance of the quota shop system, we recommend purchases to be made between 07.00 and 20.00.

Loading balance (Budget Recharge)

1. Enter the amount of balance in euros (5-100€) in the first field
2. You will then be redirected to Paytrail in order to complete your payment.
3. Choose the method of payment and follow the instructions.
4. After the payment, you will be redirected back to the shop where you can confirm the transaction.

It takes 1-2 minutes for the transaction to complete. If the transaction is interrupted, your account will not be charged. If problems arise, contact Unigrafia’s customer service . Balance that has been purchased cannot be returned or reimbursed.

5. Remember to log out.

Students of the university of Helsinki can load balance for the use of the multi-function devices and network printers.