We recommend booking the streaming service to your event at least 2 weeks before.

Streaming includes:

Streaming using one or more cameras

Stream and the recording

Presentation graphics included in the stream

Background graphics design

Audio production on location

Live chat feature

Quick and friendly customer service

Additional services when needed

1-2 Camera productions

Basic level streaming can be used for streaming lectures and events like speeches and presentations. Graphic elements that are part of the presentation are included in the streaming by using a split screen function that displays the element, for example, next to the speaker. High-quality microphones ensure the audio for those viewing the stream.

Multi-camera productions

A multi-camera production offers possibilities for switching between different camera angles. It is useful for streaming events as it enables showing members of the audience when they pose questions to the lecturers.

A comment feature using social media or a chat window can be integrated for those participating in the event via live stream.

Streaming technology

Presentation technology and lighting

Presentation graphics such as PowerPoint slides, reports and videos are added directly in the stream and the recording. The split screen function shows the speaker and the material side by side and makes following the stream effortless while adding additional information.

Our nimble and transportable lighting equipment suits all venues to light the stage and the performers. The equipment is battery-operated and wireless – there is no need to worry about cables inadvertently visible in the stream or recording.

Video and audio

Our camera equipment is suitable for a variety of venues and events. We use both remote control cameras with fast lenses as well as more traditional video cameras. We can insert graphics from the event computer to the stream as well as add other information such as, for example, the names of the speakers.

We use high-quality audio equipment, including headsets, hand-held microphones and ambient microphones, to record the speakers and the audience. The audio is mixed on location only for the stream or adjusted to include also the venue PA system. Our sound studio with post-production services is also available when needed e.g. for the recording of the stream.