Publishing platforms

Info screens

Do you need content for your company’s information screens? Interactive touch screen signage, animations with information, marketing videos, illustrations and graphics – Unigrafia is here for you!

Customised map services are easy to incorporate to signage operating with a touch screen interface. During events the screens can provide real-time information. Screens can also be used to convey important information, for example, in case of emergency.

We provide not only content but also templates for screens that display changing information, such as venue reservation calendars syncing with Google Calendar.


Do you need a website? We can freshen up the old site or start from scratch. We will design together a convenient and easy-to-use interface and a content matching your needs. Let’s add dynamic elements that update automatically or make use of Unigrafia’s video team to create moving images to add value to your site.

With content renewal and website optimisation, the updating becomes simpler and mobile use smoother. Search engines will find your site more easily. While we are working on your site, we can also revamp the visual aspects and add new elements.

Our work does not involve solely large website projects, demanding functionalities and interface renewals. Unigrafia creates also more compact event and project sites. Individual campaigns and landing pages are also part of our services.

You decide, we create. You can also leave your website maintenance to us.


Are you planning an e-publication and hoping for it to have embedded links, animations, image galleries or videos? Unigrafia offers expertise in designing the publication as well as planning the technical aspects that go with it. We also provide a recognised commercial outlet for your e-publication.

The digital publication will meet the accessibility criteria and with all the sound effects, videos and other enhancing elements it will be a more dynamic experience compared to printed publications.

Unigrafia’s UniContent is a digital alternative for a bookstore. UniContent ( is also available as a mobile application for Android and iOS users. UniContent is a result of our collaboration with software company Kosila.