Graphic design

Visual identity

Visual identity is an element that is becoming increasingly more important in modern communications. Logos, illustrations, graphics, videos, typography and brand identity guidelines are designed and implemented to create a cohesive, uniform visual identity.

Infographics and visualisation of data

Visualisation of information means making data easily understandable by using infographics and descriptors. Visualisation of data also creates a visual element while helping break down information.

3D illustration

Visual 3D illustration is an important part of creating a great web experience, be it a website or social media, or it can be used for printing products. Incorporate 3D illustration to your digital communication and make it stand out.

Publishing and layout services

Publishing and layout services include designing the visual identity, cover and layout of the publication, the typography and choosing illustrations and the printing material. We offer also layout design for publishing platforms such as applications and info displays.