Graphic design

Visual identity

Visual identity and graphic elements are essential in creating an image of a company and making it recognisable to the consumer. The company’s visual identity along with fonts and colour schemes are carefully planned with knowledge and expertise. Every element is essential in supporting the goals of the organisation and help reach and communicate with the right target group.

Meticulously created graphic guidelines and a media bank with all the necessary file formats are important time-saving tools for content providers and help maintain a uniform company image. A detailed visual identity package is flexible and suits different purposes, be it a print product, a website or a video.

Infographics and visualisation of data

Complex data and large amounts of information can be made easier to comprehend by making a visual representation of the data. Infographics, at its best, is a visual tool that enhances understanding. It’s an illustrative element with an impact.

Eye-catching illustrations, new views and angles, animations, sound effects and other storytelling elements are created with 3D modelling. With interactive infographics the reader can approach data in their own individual ways. In other words, with the same visualisation of information different target groups can easily be reached.

The appropriate approach and method is always chosen in cooperation with the client. Content comes first, keeping in mind the publishing platform, purpose and the big picture.

3D illustration

Visual 3D illustration makes information more concrete and accessible. It is a means of communication that draws attention and works whether used in websites, social media or print media. When 3D is combined with animation, it contributes to the effectiveness of your message taking digital communication to another level.

Publishing and layout services

Are you planning a publication? Our highly recommended team of graphic designers is at your disposal! A graphic designer will work on your content and fine-tune it to suit your target group. Carefully considered typographical choices and layout solutions create a pleasant reading experience. Let our professionals help in choosing the right materials and special paper finishes. Details like these make your product truly stand out.

We are proud professionals passionate also about digital publications. We will realise your projects taking into account requirements and technical criteria set by different platforms and reading devices.