Video is an effective means of communication. A moving image grabs your attention. It’s thought-provoking. It strengthens your brand.

Whichever channel or platform you choose, we will help you reach your audience. Utilise the deep knowledge of Unigrafia’s professionals. Work with our Creative Studio video team and they will realise your projects, presentations, animations, marketing and training videos.

Unigrafia’s studio along with Think Corner’s AV team operate with the latest programmes and technique. Our custom-made Lightboard setup is also at your disposal.


A seminar, a conference or a bigger stakeholder event coming up? Make your important event accessible live online! It can be filmed using either a single camera or we can use multiple remote-controlled cameras and switch from one camera angle to another as the event is happening. By recording and editing your event stream, and then making it available via website or a social media platform, your reach and audience will be multiplied.

In addition to audiovisual technology, Unigrafia’s streaming team provides also sound design, special effect graphics and helps you utilise the participatory aspects available on social media. Each stream is tailored according to the client’s needs.


Publishing platforms

Do you need a website? Let’s design together a convenient, easy-to-use interface and content suitable for your site! We can freshen up the old site, renew the visual elements or, perhaps, start from scratch. You decide, we create. You can also leave your website maintenance to us.

If you need interactive signage, content for information displays or technical solutions for online courses and e-learning, we are more than happy to help. We provide expertise also in developing applications. Read more and contact us – let’s design the perfect solution for your company!

Don’t forget UniContent – our application available from Unigrafia’s webstore. It makes reading and perusing digital content effortless.

Graphic design

Graphic design is more than just fonts, layout templates and printed publications. It’s also designing and creating visual identity, animations, logo design, 3D illustration, infographics, visualisation of data, information design and creating graphic guidelines. All these are available under one roof – at Unigrafia!