Unigrafia’s website was renewed on 15th of May

– The renewal of the website was important at this stage because we noticed that we provide such a wide array of services our customers are unaware of, says Essi Horkka from Unigrafia’s marketing and communications.

– The new website was designed to align with the company’s new service model which provides a broader range of digital services, says Jani Kajander, Brand Director responsible for customer relations, services and marketing.

In addition to printed products and Unigrafia’s traditional operations, the company now places even more emphasis on video, mobile and graphic design production services and offers also AV support service packages tailored according to the customer’s needs.

The most visible element of the new website is the introductory video created by Unigrafia’s video team. The video was mostly filmed in Aalto University’s Harald Herlin Learning Centre and in University of Helsinki’s Think Corner. More videos will be coming up.

A website broader than ever

Creating the new site began with discussions with the representatives of the different departments.

– We began by finding out what each person wanted to tell us about their work and what it was that clients most often wanted to know, Horkka says.

– The new website was, all in all, quite an effort. We sat down with the representatives of all the services the company provides to discuss how the services should be displayed on the new website, what kind of information needs to be conveyed and what is most important, Kajander adds.

As the website was renewed, the visual design and user interface were also updated. The cooperation with City Dev Labs resulted in a site that is much more interactive and flexible than ever.

– The new website is like a shop window that not only promotes Unigrafia but also acts as a service path: information is logically available and the more a client is interested in a particular service, the further the path takes them in the site, Kajander says.

For example, the print and copy services can be found on the home page under one category and service icon. The adjacent shopping cart takes you directly to Unigrafia’s online shop. The print and copy service page brings together everything to do with printing, copying and making online purchases.

Always aiming for a better site

Thanks to renewed coding Unigrafia’s new website is quick and easy to use and the content is updated daily. Check out Unigrafia’s brand new website and feel free to leave a comment, praise or criticism.

We are still adding to and updating the site so user feedback is very important for us. You can email us directly to or kindly take a moment to answer this survey. Please leave your contact information for a chance to win a T-shirt or a Museum Card.

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