Design and layout of the dissertation

Graphic design means designing the appearance of an individual cover or inside pages and creating a layout template. Layout means composing the texts and elements such as graphs and pictures on the page into a visually clear and readable form. The result is a PDF file ready for printing.

Layout service is not needed if you finish the pages yourself  and deliver the PDF file ready for printing.  Then you will send the manuscript and any articles to us as ready-made PDF files that contain all the fonts used in the text. Instructions for making the file can be found here.

If you are not sure whether you need our layout service, you can send us your text file for evaluation by e-mail

If you want to leave the job to the graphic designer, send us a request for quotation from the link at the bottom of this page. On the form, we ask you about the number of pages, tables and graphics to be finished  as well as pictures and patterns that are ready to be  placed. We also give an estimate of the printing price in the offer, so we also ask for the number of articles and the total number of pages to be sent as PDF files. We also ask about the amount of books to be printed.

Our offer includes a schedule proposal, which is why we need your dissertation date and the date when the files can be delivered to the graphic designer. The offer request must be sent to us no later than 6 weeks, but preferably 2 months before your planned dissertation date.