Unigrafia compiled videos for Aalto University student marketing

At the end of 2017 Unigrafia filmed and produced nine so-called testimonial videos for Aalto University. The videos, each a couple of minutes long, feature Aalto students telling about their studies and their plans for the future.

view from behind a person

The starting point was to have our students talk about their studies and degree programmes using their own words. Our target group is young people who are considering applying for Aalto University, says Saara Koskinen, Marketing Specialist at Aalto University.

Unigrafia’s video team were excited to take on the challenge

Our shared objective was to find an easy and accessible way to highlight the various Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes that Aalto offers, says Lauri Manninen, Creative at Unigrafia.

Tight schedule and good mood

The collaborative project of Unigrafia and Aalto University was set in motion in September 2017 with a schedule that was tight from the start. All content design was done together with the client. After the assessment and review phases the finished videos were delivered to Aalto in the beginning of January.

We wanted to make testimonials that are inspirational and, yet, down to earth, says Manninen and continues: The schedule was definitely one of the biggest challenges. After we agreed upon the project, there really wasn’t much time to dilly-dally around as we had to get started with the pre-production immediately.

Videos consist of interviews of students who participated in the project. Usually there were one to three interviewees per video. In addition, Unigrafia shot inserts and cutaways at Aalto campus area. The company also composed and produced the soundtrack for the videos. Finland’s less-than-beautiful winter weather proved somewhat challenging.

Still, in my opinion, we managed to find great locations. You won’t catch sight of the gloom of winter in the videos, adds Heikki Janhunen, Creative at Unigrafia.

Splendid cooperation

Both Aalto University and Unigrafia are happy with the finished videos and the overall project execution.

Cooperation between us and Unigrafia’s video team was effortless. They worked independently on certain days which was excellent from our point of view here midst the hustle and bustle of Aalto University, says Koskinen seemingly pleased as Manninen laughs: From the first meeting on we felt we were on the same wave length with the client, and had a shared vision of what the result should look and feel like.

Video as an important marketing tool

Unigrafia’s services and daily operations include a great deal of video production work. Video clips are actually one of the most important and most utilised marketing tools. Also Aalto University has been looking forward to making use of different video contents.

For a while now we’ve felt we need to introduce our study programmes using video testimonials. So this was an important pilot project for us and especially for the variety of study programmes our schools offer. This year we will be launching two new projects similar to this one, Koskinen says.

Utilising video as a marketing media will become increasingly more popular in the future with the continuous development of different video platforms, e.g. online video servers, and means of display, e.g. different outdoor LED screens.

Video production is a new frontier and our core competence. With various presentation and marketing videos our specialists are able to showcase their skills, says Jani Kajander, Brand Director at Unigrafia.

We are happy to produce different videos, be it isolated, individual projects or a series of concept videos such as in this Aalto University project. We are also specialized in teaching-oriented video production.

See Unigrafia’s Aalto University student testimonials in YouTube:


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