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Unigrafia develops its service processes – everything from designing a website to creating a visual image is now available under one roof

Developing website projects requires continuous work. This was established by Risto Koljonen, Unigrafia’s Web Designer, in his BBA thesis that he wrote for his employer. In his thesis Koljonen utilised the principles of service design to examine the development of an offer process. As a result, Unigrafia is now better equipped and more efficient in all offer procedures.

The thesis subject originated from within the company as there had been for some time a need for sparring and development when it came to internal procedures and service processes. The process used at the time was analysed with the help of tools used in service design and a brief client survey. These methods enabled finding more flexible ways to operate.

Unigrafia emphasises importance of staff training

Koljonen speaks highly of his employer who supports his studying alongside his work. “My business information technology studies had been on a hiatus and I managed to complete them in two years. I was offered flexibility and was able to spend half of the day attending lectures and the other half working.”

The studies were mutually beneficial. “The modelling of the offer process clarified our operations. Even though we were aware of most of the issues, the recording, examining and structuring of the process gave a real boost making our services more efficient,” confirms Mari Lindgren, Team Manager of Creative Studio’s graphics department. “We can use those same service design tools to develop other processes also.”

When a client approves the offer for a website, it is Lindgren who then takes over the project. She, too, is pleased with the attitude of the employer. “I enjoy working here because Unigrafia constantly offers opportunities for me to challenge myself and develop my skills. You can – should you so wish – learn new things here every day.”

Unigrafia offers comprehensive services covering all aspects of web design

Be it interface or content design, visual identity or site maintenance, Unigrafia provides it all. The development and creation of event, campaign and project sites takes place continuously. Unigrafia provides services for sites with only a couple of subpages as well as for larger web projects with e.g. intranet or other demanding and more complicated functionalities. A project does not always begin from square one. Sometimes it’s about upgrading and renewing something that already exists.

”A client might have a site that’s operating on an outdated platform or using a system that is difficult to update. We will then transfer it to a more flexible publishing platform that is easier to use and update. This would be a great opportunity for the client to renew the visual aspects, fonts and colours. If there are no graphic guidelines, this would also be an excellent time to have such created. It might come as a surprise for some that all this is available under one roof,” says Lindgren smiling.

Unigrafia’s Creative Studio offers a wide array of expertise. “When you think about revamping a website, you should think about the big picture,” reminds Mari Lindgren. “In addition to static content, you might want to add elements that update dynamically or consider a video element that also can be created using Creative Studio’s video team. User-friendliness is important as well. Data can sometimes be difficult to comprehend or there can be large quantities of it – we can help you by visualising it,” Lindgren points out.

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