Dissertationes Universitatis Helsingiensis

Dissertations from the University of Helsinki can now be published in a brand new dissertation series “Dissertationes Universitatis Helsingiensis” by the University of Helsinki Doctoral School (UHDS). You can be among the first to publish your dissertation in this new series.

If you are not publishing your dissertation in any other series, such as your department’s series, the research institute’s series or similar, the university recommends using the graduate school’s new series.

Two cover options have been planned for the series: illustrated and non-illustrated. The image can be vertical or horizontal, or it can also be embedded into the cover so that the gray upper bar is partially visible. You can see models of covers on this page. The bottom bar of the cover gets the color according to the faculty.

The publication number shows the year of publication and the serial number. The faculty and Bibliographic information of the publication are mentioned on the back cover. If you wish, we can add a short introductory text about the research and the series to the back cover.

You can also use an individual cover, to which the identifiers of the series are added in Unigrafia. Ask us for a separate offer for the design of the cover!

Etu- ja takakansi

When you publish in a series:

  • Order ISBN and ISSN codes from Unigrafia at the link below.

  • Add the information to the name page of your thesis according to the instructions you received.

  • Make a PDF with fonts embedded. Download separate instructions.

You can use the Word template made by Unigrafia as a template and/or guide, which can be downloaded in English. Note that the base does not already have tags from this series, but you have to add them yourself. You will receive instructions separately with the ISBN numbers. Make the PDF ready for printing.

When you order printing, choose “Dissertationes Universitatis Helsingiensis series” as the cover of your dissertation. Remember to fill in the ISBN and ISSN numbers of the printed book you received in the order form. Note! If you have already applied numbers from the ISBN center, you can no longer publish in this series. In that case, choose the HY dissertation cover template (not in the series) from the order form.

More information & links:

For general dissertation publication guidelines, dissertation form (E-thesis), printing grant, etc., see Instructions for Students.

If necessary, you can request additional instructions from Unigrafia.

Please also note that the dissertation series of the old graudate schools (DSHealth and YEB) will be discontinued on August 30, 2023.